SDS Painting & Prefinishing

Painting & Faux Finishes

Room With Beautiful Faux Finish On WallsColors influence our moods and emotions. Choosing the right colors in our living spaces energize us and make us more productive, efficient and happy. 

SDS Painting & Prefinishing offers a large range of colors and faux finishes to choose from.  The skill of an experienced painting contractor is recommended to execute the appropriate finish for a living room, bedroom, kids' room, boardroom, reception area, etc.

One can choose faux finishes and paints based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.  We provide wood, marble, grainy and metallic faux finishes.

Give each room a unique look by applying a decorative faux finish paint. For more information on our our painting and faux finishes, contact us or call us at 208-354-7279 today.